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Client Success

Lauri, I really appreciate the time we spent together today. You know your craft and I can see that I learn a lot from you. I hope to make good hiring decisions – with your help, I feel confident I will. Thanks again.
— Eleanor, National Manager

Again, I want to thank you for facilitating my first Shared Services Leadership meeting in Boston. I was very pleased with the day and your instrumental role in making the day more impactful.
— Pat, SVP

After working with Lauri, I now have a results-based resume that is getting a lot of attention! Thank you Lauri!
— Jennifer, Client

Thank you for taking time to provide me with a highly beneficial educational career coaching session. I thoroughly enjoyed our discussion and want to follow up on my progress and schedule more sessions. I highly value your advice!
— Kerry, MBA Student

…Thank you again for the time you spent with me today, helping me gain a better perspective and for your valuable suggestions. In all my years, I haven’t ever really had that type of “coaching”. I will take your recommendations to heart going forward, whether I stay in my current position or move on.
— Jeanne, Administrator

Lauri is one of the most engaging presenters I have ever seen. She has a way of drawing out any audience and is she so knowledgeable. Her passion and love of sharing her expertise is always communicated to the audience…
— Natalie, Client