Boston Career Coaching & HR Consulting


Career development and organizational optimization.

Leadership Coaching and Talent Optimization


We partner with leaders in various size and sector organizations to drive performance and results.  And actually have fun in the process!



What keeps you up at night? What problems can we help you solve?

• Need to develop a higher performing team and keep them engaged?
• Can’t identify the “right” talent to get the results? Or where to find them?
• Dread the annual performance review process?
• Internal HR is not helpful or trusted?  Don’t have a seat at the table?
•Afraid to confront a superior, subordinate or peer to have a difficult conversation?

We can assist you to:

• Conduct an objective assessment of current talent (including 360 survey) and identify weak links, gaps and key motivators or obstacles.
• Facilitate customized training for hiring managers and other interview participants.
• Identify/develop critical competencies necessary for success in each role.
• Develop leaders to effectively onboard new hires and set SMART goals out of the gate to best manage performance expectations ongoing (not just once a year!)
•Create individual or team development plans including customized action/improvement plans.  Talk is cheap - you need to know what will result in the desired outcome.